Welcome to my budding Sci-fi gaming page. The aim is to give me someplace to dump all my ideas to, and thereby preventing me from going completely bonkers.

 For Dirtside II, I have here vehicle stats, complete with pictures of all the GZG vehicles I own. Theyre found both on the Ironfist Legion and the Grey Dragoons pages.

For Stargrunt II, I have some platoon sized orbats, and they're also to be found on those two pages.

For Traveller:2300AD-lovers, (Yes, I used a composite title, I need the AD rules, badly...) I have some vehicle designs up on the Grey Squadron and Timberwolf Engineering page. Also some 2300 weapons. Yes, all complete with pics, unfortunately my drawing has been cut short by the death of my computer, and I have no image software on this spare one. But I'll try to remedy that. Also, I'll put my ideas about gaming Dirtside:2300 in there eventually, with link to other peoples great work.

I Also, this is a work of constant change.... So if you see some anomaly, feel free to check again later.

Projects in the works are both new  and redesigned vehicle stats for Striker, and more work on 2300AD stuff. Related to those are "fluff" pages as well of course.

A  new regiment for Striker/Traveller is coming, I'm just trying to plow through the vehicle design rules and learning them. Hey, at least I've figured out the internal space avaliable in the Sabre Tank Hunter, and a few variants on the energy requirements to power its railgun...

  Pending arrival of the new book is designs for The Hammers Slammers tabletop game. I totally, utterly love this game and setting... The game rules for its range of design possibilities for vehicles, and the setting I guess because it is pretty close the 2300AD one, as well as Jon Tuffleys Tuffleyverse is inspired by the 2300AD one, can you spot the trend? I live for dreaming aboout the conflicts of a time never to come. Gah, thats sad. :P

It's been almost five weeks now, something tells me they've lost my order... Mental note to self, e-mail Pireme Publishing and check.


Currently active (and somewhat confused) pages:


Teskai Engineering Vehicle and Weapon Designs and the Timberwolves (Mercs), for 2300AD

Yes, I like the color and word Grey... :P The above page is my main page at the moment, and the one which content I'm the most proud of.

Ironfist Industries, the Ermann Group, The Ironfist Legion and the colony settlement of New Sparta on Ermann's World.

The Grey Dragoons, an ACR derived from The Ironfist Legion.



(Almost all graphics contained within these sites, unless otherwise stated, is made by me. Feel free to use them on your own sites if you should feel so inclined, it will then feed my ego and make me happy, provided that you provide info on where it came from! Otherwise I will throw discarded 1/300 french Leclercs on you until you die. *growl* :-P)

As far as I know, this is the only place on the web where you can find drawings of GZG vehicles. Yay me! :)




TGD's Firesupport Company/1st Platoon's Plt Sgt Kaider seems to have been too busy to keep up with the cleaning part of military peacetime procedures. Just as well, since this is a Halbardier painted in the colors used during the fighting on Reinhold.

(I think this one turned out pretty ok, since this is the second time I use the airbrush in photoshop. :) )